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speech-1D.’s ability to produce and maintain a website that meets our needs is outstanding! The understanding of our requirements, the flexibility of change and the responsive communication makes D. Agency a leader in their field."

Milestones Garage


speech-1D.'s consistently great service coupled with their incisive understanding of the needs of our businesses have combined to produce a lengthy and successful business relationship." 

Gold Track Driving Club


speech-1Your professional approach and the way you planned to not just build a brochure on the Internet, but a site that would be tailored to my clientele and would actually work for me was a completely different approach from companies I'd dealt with previously. True to your word, our first lead was generated the day after launch."

Boyland Windows


speech-1Phil’s team were integral in making this project work, we all pulled off an amazing project in very little time, within budget. It works, we won & it is a thing of beauty! Early Symptoms Alzheimer’s, I couldn’t have done it without them! It has been a pleasure working together - I highly recommend them."

Tudor Reilly



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