D.Blog 5.0 With Enhanced Authoring, Tag Management, Spam Comment Management, News Feed and Social Media Integration

Empower your audience with knowledge and engage them more effectively in conversation with latest Drupal Blog solution from D.

Like many of the systems I help develop at D., our de facto Blogging system is the result of user trends and detailed customer feedback.

Our latest release is v5.0, and we’ve made a number of enhancements to help you grow your audience.

Have a look at the following illustration and it’s accompanying key to get an overview of what’s included as standard.

Of course because it’s built on Drupal, D.Blog 5.0 can be enhanced even further with extended styling and functionality.

mwa Digital's Drupal Blog - mBlog 5.0 Part 1mwa Digital's Drupal Blog - mBlog 5.0 Part 2



1. Editable Banner

2. Search within the blog

3. Allow readers to subscribe via RSS

4. Link your readers to your other social media

5. Search blog by tags (alphabetically ordered)

6. H1 blog post title, themed in your site colour

7. Fully manageable parent/child blog categories themed in your site colour

8. Allow readers to share a post on their Facebook

9. Allow readers to share a post on their Twitter

10. Allow readers to share a post on their LinkedIn

11. Allow readers to share a post by email

12. Allow readers to share a post on their Google +

13. H2 blog post intro text

14. Illustrate your post with multiple images

15. H3 blog post subtitles, themed in your site colour

16. Add links, internally or externally, themed in your site colour

17. Tag your post with targeted keywords

18. Show your blogging authors to build authority

19. Let your customers comment on posts using the powerful DISQUS system (can be disabled)

20. Reply to other comments to create threads/conversations between customers

21. Auto-archiving of posts by month and year

22. Latest Tweets from your associated company Twitter account

23. Dynamic Google map and quick link to site's contact page

24. Enhanced layout with contrasting background / module boxes

25. Powerful DISQUS system integration, dramatically reduces spam commenting/moderation

26. Subscription for your audience which will allow for email updates with new posts


Author: Paul Barnes is a Senior Web Developer at D. and has an active role in Project Management. He has driven the transition of providing Responsive Web Design solutions using the Drupal platform, and has been a key contributor to a number of custom Drupal offerings such as mBlog, Companies and Contacts, and Xpress Checkout for Drupal Commerce.


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