How Working With Monkeys Can Help You Nail That Home Page Elevator Pitch

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Networking - How to Prepare a Networking 1 Minute Pitch by Dee Clayton

"How to Prepare a Networking 1 Minute Pitch" by Dee Clayton

Constructing your Home Page Elevator Pitch can be a real challenge.

For those of you not familiar with the term, an Elevator Pitch is what you say in about 10 seconds when someone says, “What do you do?”

In a sales promotion or networking environment, this actually translates to, “What do you do and should I be bothered?”

The relevance to digital is of course your Elevator Pitch ‘should’ be what grabs a users attention when they land on your Website Home Page.

If you tackle this task without getting your foundations right, it can be a painful experience.

Everything you seem to want to say about your business has been done by your competition and nothing seems to really define why you are different.

It’s all too easy to slip into industry speak, cliché, gibberish, and in the case of one project I saw go live recently, the company bowed out completely and decided to tell people what it ‘didn’t’ do instead of what it did do.

I didn’t know whether to put that one down to a lack of faith, insecurity or just bad advice.

So in the absence of a full-blown persona creation and message strategy, I came across a great resource from an award-winning presentation skills and public speaking coach that could really help you.

Dee Clayton is the author of ‘Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys’, a book written to help people deal with Public Speaking and become more engaging presenters.

She is also an ex-marketer, although in my book good marketing is a state of mind so once a marketer always a marketer I’d say.

Dee has always worked frontline on the agency side with big brands so she knows all about creating a value proposition and increasing purchasing intent.

Her latest freebie is a great guide called ‘How to Prepare a Networking 1 Minute Pitch’, and you can download it completely FREE right here.

You don’t even have to register or dump your Email address in to get it.

It’s a 4-page PDF document based on Four Simple Steps and examples along the way.

Although the guide is written to help with networking and yes you won’t keep new visitors to a Website glued to the Home Page for a full minute, its really easy to see how you can pull elements of your 1-minute wonder back into bytes for your Home Page Elevator Pitch.

Let me know if helps, and if you have problems with Public Speaking Monkeys, Dee is really good with that as well.


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