Photo Shoot Services

If you need quality images for your business or products, D. Agency has access to the very best facilities located on site at our offices.

At our head office building, at D. Agency, we’re very lucky to have a high-quality Photographers studio tucked out the back, with impressive, modern facilities. The larger studio occupies what used to be the main projection screen of the original, art deco-style picture house.

Photoworks have been operating for over 20 years and owner & lead photographer, Andy Cahill uses the very latest cutting-edge equipment and rigs to achieve a top professional finish.

New Photo Studio Available for Hire 

Recently, a couple of us from D. Agency muscled in as background-extras, on a demo shoot to promote a newly opened additional studio, which is now available for hire.

D. Photo shoot with Paul Querol

Above: D. Agency's Drupal guru, Paul (‘Q’) Querol working the laptop role with vigour, on a culinary-themed setup.


D. Photo shoot with Paul Barnes

Above: D. Designer, Paul Barnes takes up a coffee and provides the rough edge in this, otherwise beauty-themed setup.


Main Photo Shoot Studio

Photoworks Studio at Picture House

Above: The main studio housed in the main screen area of an old, converted art-deco picture house.


D. Agency - Photo Shoot Services

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