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D. Agency launches a FREE Conversion Rate Optimisation Tool

Free Conversion Rate Tool

The hot topic in digital at the moment is conversion rate optimisation and it’s driven by the change in focus from corporate brochure style websites to inbound marketing sites.

We've developed this FREE CONVERSION RATE OPTIMISATION TOOL to help people test the effect that even small increments in conversion rate has on sales.

Conversion rate optimisation is a great way to supercharge the effects of SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing, and in most cases it can bring a faster return on investment.

It only takes a minute so give it a try and see what you think – it's fun, free and quite an eye-opener.


Free Conversion Rate Tool

SITE LAUNCH: Responsive Drupal Website for Milestones Garage

Milestones Garage: Responsive Website Launch

D. Agency today launched an inspiring new Website site for Bognor Regis based, Milestones Garage.

The site is built with the Drupal CMS and features a fully integrated News and Blog engine called D.Blog.

Milestones utilises Responsive Web Design, displaying at full 1200px size on larger screens as well as changing to a fluid layout when viewed on tablet and smart phone.

Milestones had endured a frustrating ride with a couple of other Web Development companies but were recommended to D. by an existing client.

Driven to help them as quickly as possible, D. built the complete site from start, to content population to launch in only 7 production days.

This achievement highlights the fact that Drupal is a serious contender for fast deployments or micro-sites, an area where WordPress would normally be the option.

Building in Drupal is not only fast and cost effective, but clients relish the fact that they have a system that can be extended and used for future growth in a way not possible with other systems.

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D. Agency has recently launched an engaging new eCommerce site for Cake Craft, the home of creative baking.

The site is built on Drupal Commerce and features custom features to provide built in commerce functionality and content management additions normally only found on major label or high street store sites.

The new Website hit the ground running just days after launch with Google Page 1 rankings for the first primary keywords.

Cake Craft Home

More impressively, the new site is achieving significant performance improvements over the existing site with:

Ave Visit Duration: +300%
Bounce Rate: -12%
Ecommerce Conversion Rate: +140%

Cake Craft can rest easy that for every £1000 the old site takes, the new Super Drupal version will take over double the revenue for the same amount of traffic.

The project is testament to D.’s “user-centred” design approach, which used techniques such as a Focus Group, Personas, Experience Mapping and Rapid Prototyping to uncover the truth behind the way people need to use sites of this type.

Cake Craft has over 4,000 products in stock, all designed to bring out the creativity in enthusiatic amateurs and seasoned professionals.

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Below: Drupal's responsive, facet-based product browsing.

Cake Craft Attributes

D. develops Drupal integration module for KPS Knowledge Management Software

KPS (Knowledge Powered Solutions) provides knowledge management software that helps organisations improve customer service at the same time as delivering operational efficiencies.

The system is used as a core tool in many areas; including IT service management, healthcare, education and the public sector.

KPS can be configured and accessed in a number of ways, so when one of our clients asked us to develop a custom Drupal module to serve information into their Websites login protected client area, we said “No problem!”

Our senior Drupal team successfully integrated KPS, allowing our client to push Word Doc’s and PDF’s to a choice of staff, customers or both.

Users access the portal from their Client Area, which was themed to make KPS appear fully integrated.

Typing a keyword into a search field provides a found set of documents.

KPS is a powerful solution that fits well with the flexibility provided by Websites built using the Drupal framework.

CLIENT WIN: Milestones Garage

D. Agency will be building a new Drupal powered Website for Milestones Garage in West Sussex. Milestones were referred by an existing client after the company tracked them down whilst searching the net for suitable inspiration.

Milestones have had a couple of short-lived experiences with Websites and have turned to D. to help provide a robust future-proof solution using the Drupal CMS and Responsive Web Design for mobile. Expect to see the new site live in 3-weeks time!

Below: Milestone's existing logo



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