These are the questions raised most often during early communications with companies like yours. Click on the '+' to read the answers.

Do you only build sites using Drupal as a CMS?

Yes we do. Drupal gives us the flexibilty to build Websites that work the way people need them to work, and not as the software system says it has to work.



I've been told its cheaper to build sites in Wordpress or Joomla?



Not quite. The argument has always been that for simple brochure style sites, its quicker to build a site in Wordpress. In reality though, a skilled Drupal site builder or coder can build a spec for spec site just as quick.

And with Drupal, you have the framework there to scale up to more advanced functionality and provide an improved user experience as your requirements grow.



How experienced are your Drupal Developers?



Our team consists of senior Drupal Architects (over 8-years specific experience), Drupal themers and Drupal site builders. We have a great culture and attract some of the best Drupal talent in the industry.

We also contribute module fixes and distributions to the Drupal Community, and run our own D. Academy to help early adopters develop the skills required to build Drupal sites to best practice standards.



Do you sub-contract any of your development offshore?



Like many agencies, we have tried offshore contracting in the past in an attempt to deliver better value for money.

Unfortunately, the specific challenges that come with using offshore contractors especially in Asia and the Indian sub-continent mean projects end up needing disproportionate amounts of project management, suffer from constant reworks, and in the end either cost more money to deliver to the right standards, or just get delivered to the wrong standards.

At D. we learnt the hard way and have matured into a dedicated Drupal agency completing all work in-house. We offer an 'offshore-free-guarantee" on all our work.



So does this mean my Website code is secure?



Absolutely. We use what's called a GIT Repository, so your development code is not only secure, but you can see where it is and which project team members have access to it.

We also add development notes as we go to create a complete version control history. This means if for any reason you need to migrate your project to another vendor, they would have everything needed to pick up and run with your project.



Can I meet the people who will be building my Website?



Definitely. In fact we encourage it because we believe eveyone at D. can make a postive contribution to your project.

You won't find a Project Manager shielding you from the team members and even the geekiest of our tekkies is surprisingly human.



How can you assure me my project will be a success?



Success covers many areas such as delivered on time, delivered within budget, meets the expectations of the audience and meets the expectations of the clinet.

If you are working with D., then you will be well aware of the importance of planning to succeed and will value the needs associated with creating personas, creating working prototypes, testing UX (user experience) features, and breaking down the scope of projects accurately to arrive at realistic costs.

You will also value Agile project management that keeps you updated with comprehensive progress reports at every step of the way.

Clients who work with D. have realistic expectations of what is required to succeed.



Can I arrange a demo?



Certainly, it's our pleasure - we'd be happy to demonstrate any of the following:

Key features of the Drupal CMS and how it helps marketers, publishers and content managers deliver the most effective experience to their audience.

Rapid Prototyping and how we can quickly get to.........